Bike accessories For Better Riding Experience

A few bike accessories could make riding a bike for fun or as a commuter safe as well as enjoyable. You need to keep your head and your cool to be selective and get what you need from Thousands of crazy and useful accessories.

Here is a list of must haves.

Bike Helmet

As I said, you need to keep your head, and I meant it literally. It doesn’t matter how safe of a rider you are, there is always someone out there who misses a stop sign or misses you even if you were wearing huge orange vests with yellow neon strips.

You need a helmet. You have a choice of open and closed face to cover the top of your head or your entire face.

Pick one that is comfortable for you which means it is snug. And make sure it is certified for safety by an organization that means something.

Bike Light

A good bike light is essential even if you only go for short trips. Bikes are fast, and you can travel many miles quickly. A late start, a nice attractive scenery, and a flat tire could easily eat up the daylight. You don’t want to ride home in the dark.

Remember the people who don’t see bikers in broad daylight? Those guys will surely miss you in the dark. A rear facing tail light and head lamp are for those guys as much as you to see were you are going..

You can take the affordable route and go with bike lights using regular batteries, less light, and less durability. Or you can spend a little more money and get brighter and longer lasting LED headlamp.

Pump and Tire Kit
You wouldn’t by a bicycle without tires, would you?A flat tire in the middle of nowhere is essentially a bicycle without tires.

A basic tire kit and a working pump that you check before going on the ride ensures hat you return home relaxed. Nothing fancy mind you, just a good bike multi-tool and a few tire levers would do.

Go Snazzy

Safety without fun is, well, boring. This is being an MP3 player comes in. You may think you have one. You may say that you love the one you have, and that is precisely the reason you may want to get another one that you don’t love so much. Something is casual for riding off road and in bad weather.

The nice thing about technology is that you can find a new MP3 player that is much cheaper and almost as nice as the one you go to bed with.

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