Cycling Training Program For Upper Body

Every sport has specific training needs including the type of training that helps you perform better and the type of exercises that balance and complement it.

The power and stamina of cycling come from your legs, specifically your quadriceps. However, leaning on the handle despite how good your form is engagingur chest, your deltoids, and your triceps isometrically.

Unless you are doing tricks on the bicycle, you won’t need to do plyometric pushups, but exercises that engage your upper body beyond isometric hold of a cyclist help.

You can emphasize the top of the motion to simulate the leaning position of a cyclist. However, doing that neglects the imbalance’s inherent to cycling. A full range of motion would be more beneficial and incorporating moves that balance cycling positions are even more helpful.

A pair of dumbbells like PowerBlock Elite adjustable dumbbells and a stability ball or a Bosu ball could go a long way.

Dumbbells provide asymmetrical exercise potential to bring balance to both sides of your body instead of allowing the dominant side to take over the motions.

Adjustable dumbbells allow you to create a progressive strength training workout routine at home without a large foot print.

A stability ball or Bosu ball exercises help you work on your balance and core engagement as well as chest and shoulder flexibility and range of motions that become restricted in cycling.